My name is Dmitry Ivanov, but I prefer Mytia.

I am a wandering self-taught artist, and my works are a reflection of the reality surrounding me. I work in different directions, naive realism, intuitive abstraction. I prefer to work with oil paints and ceramics. In my works, I try to convey the sensation of the moment, to capture a frame of lived life. I try not to be bound by ideas or concepts, giving preference to visual content. At the same time, I love experiments, I am not afraid of change and discovering something new. I do not strive to preserve a particular image through stylistic attachment. I believe in professional deformation and remain an artist in part to discover where this path will lead me and how it will affect my personal transformation.

I was born in 1991. Got a degree to become a diplomat. Got married. Then one more degree in management. Got divorced. Never used my degrees and became an artist. I travel a lot. I lived in India, USA, and many cities in Russia. Worked as a Kindergarten teacher, an English tutor, a barmen, a porter an so on. Now I'm in Vladimir, my home town.I teach English for living and sell my artworks, ceramics and prints of my paintings. I love to read, love music and craft beer. To buy one of my works or order a new one - just drop me a line. Thanks.

You can find my works:
Art center
Vladimir, Russia
Bar / Kitchen / Music
Vladimir, Russia

Craft beer pub
Vladimir, Russia
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